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FH236 Diesel Fuel Filter Assembly with Heater for Car and Truck Models with Diesel Engines

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1.Factory advantage price, efficient filtration;

2.Can accept drawings or sample customization.

3. 100% inspection before leaving the factory.

4.Removes moisture and impurities from diesel fuel to reduce injector failure and extend engine life.

Product Description:Engine Fuel Filters

Standard Efficiency Fluid Filter – Fuel

 Features standard elements for normal duty filtration.

The fuel system stores gasoline or diesel in the tank and then draws on this through fuel lines and delivers it through a fuel filter to either a carburetor or fuel injector. Fuel is then supplied to the cylinder chamber where it is mixed with air, vaporized, and burned to produce energy.

A fuel filter is a critical part of this system as it protects your engine from harmful debris. The fuel filter screens dirt and rust particles from the fuel, keeping them from entering the engine and causing damage. If debris enters the engine – even tiny rust particles – it causes unnecessary wear and tear on the engine components and wreaks havoc on the overall system.

Fuel filters are even more essential in today’s vehicles, as the modern design includes tight-tolerance fuel systems, especially when compared to engines from even 10 years ago. Unfiltered fuel can contain vast quantities of contamination like paint chips, dirt and rust. These contaminants must be removed to prevent accelerated wear and ultimate failure of the fuel pump and injectors. The abrasive nature of the particles on the high-precision components of the fuel injection systems cause extreme damage and will eventually lead to an unnecessary expense.


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